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Adaptation to Climate Change at the Municipal Level - Development of Criteria for Determining Priority Measures and Evaluation of the Priority of Financing

Project Customer: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of the project is to develop a methodology, measurable criteria and detailed guidelines for municipalities to apply the methodology, apply the criteria and identify priority measures that promote adaptation to climate change and climate risk mitigation. Withing the project the activieties included in Latvia's adaptation to climate change plan for the period until 2030 will be analyzed, as well as research and project results, foreign experience, policy planning documents, interviews with industry experts and other sources.

Potential of Baltic Transport Loop Connections and Solutions for Internal and Cross-border Mobility of Riga Metropolitan Area

Project Customer: Riga Planning Region

The project currently is being implemented

The project aim is to reduce travel and freight times, while also reducing CO2 emissions in the three corridors of the Central Baltic region defined by the project (North, Central and South), making them attractive for attracting new businesses and developing innovation.

  1. Northern corridor: Orebro-Turku-St. Petersburg;
  2. Medium corridor: Orebro - Tallinn - St. Petersburg;
  3. Southern corridor: Orebro - Riga - St. Petersburg.

The target groups of the project are administrative institutions involved in the development and implementation of regional development and transport policy, including national, regional level institutions and local governments. Decision makers, spatial planners, transport infrastructure planners and management system specialists, as well as freight carriers, companies and residents in the urban environment.

Development of Profession Standards in Forest and Wood Processing Sector

Project Customer: Latvian Association of Woodprocessing Entrepreneurs and Exporters

The project currently is being implemented

Development of the higher education profession standards in the forest (forestry, woodprocessing) sector, moderation and provision of methodological work.

Entrepreneurship Education Action Plan Development Project No. PGI 05114 E-COOL

Project Customer: Zemgale Planning Region

The project currently is being implemented

Development of Entrepreneurship Education Action Plan in the project of the cross-border cooperation program INTERREG EUROPE 2014-2020 No. PGI 05114 “Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset in Young People through the Dynamisation of Competences, Teaching Methodologies and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”. Within the framework of the action plan it is necessary to:

  • Analyze and summarize the existing information, materials and documents that have been developed in connection with the education sector (including the offer of business competencies and entrepreneurship education) in Zemgale and Latvia, to analyze the situation and prepare a final research report with conclusions and proposals.
  • Organize at least two (2) thematic discussions for representatives of the state, local governments, private and non-governmental sectors who work in the development of business competencies and the provision of entrepreneurship education.
  • To develop an Action Plan for the sustainable development of Zemgale region business competences and entrepreneurship education offer and a more supportive youth business environment.

Expert Services for the Project Application to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Municipalities 

Project Customer: Riga Planning Region

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of the project is to mobilize and support public administrations in reviewing and developing energy policy priorities for low carbon development by 2050, as well as fostering cross-sectoral cooperation and encouraging municipalities to find funding, to develop and implement energy and climate neutral plans by 2050.

Development of the Content of Professional Qualification Examinations (No. VISC 2020/11)

Project Customer: National Centre for Education 

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of the project is to provide methodological support to the developers of the content of the professional qualification exams. The content of the exams for LKI 2nd, 3rd and 4th level professional qualifications is developed in accordance with the professional standard or professional qualification requirements, taking into account the current issues and regulatory framework, thereby reducing gender segregation in the labor market and integrating equal opportunities for persons from different age, ethnic and other groups. 

Development of a Book of Theories and Methods of Social Work

Projekta Customer: Ministry of Welfare 

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of the project is to prepare and publish a book in the field of social work on social casework, including theories in social work, methods and their application in practice. The task of the book is to provide methodological support to social work specialists - social workers, social caregivers, social rehabilitators, social assistance organizers, students and teachers of the study field “Social Welfare”, as well as specialists in other social fields.

Development of Modular Vocational Education Programmes and Development of the Content of Vocational Qualification Examinations

Project Customer: National Centre for Education 

The project currently is being implemented

Within the framework of the project "Improvement of the Sectoral Qualifications System to Develop and Ensure the Vocational Education" (Agreement No., ESF (European Social Fund) specific objective SO 8.5.2 “To ensure the conformity of vocational education to the European qualifications framework”, the National Centre for Education implements projects “Development of Modular Vocational Education Programmes” and “Development of the Content of Vocational Qualification Examinations” aimed at developing flexible vocational education programmes and qualification exams, which would ensure a quick response to labour demand, both in the short and long term.

Let Us Move Green in the Future!

The aim of the project "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing a new electric vehicle" is to purchase one new, industrially manufactured M1 class electric vehicle, which complies with the objective of the competition – to reduce GHG emissions through supporting vehicles in Latvia that, by their design, use energy stored in the vehicle itself as the only engine power and with GHG emissions of 0 g per mile in Latvia.

AC Konsultācijas, Ltd. take the view that it is essential to limit the amount of GHG emissions, particularly within city borders – therefore, during the implementation of the project, it is already possible to perform routes within Riga city and its nearby neighbourhoods by electric vehicle that does not generate GHG emissions instead of the fossile fuel driven vehicle previously used by the employees of the company. In implementing the project, AC Konsultācijas, Ltd. plans to cover a distance of at least 14,000 km per year by electric vehicle.

The total project funding is EUR 28,173.00, including the amount of eligible costs of EUR 23,283.47, of which CCFI (Climate Change Financial Instrument) amounts to EUR 11,640.00.