Final evaluation of the 5th priority axis "Environmental protection and effective use of the resources" of the operational program "Growth and Employment" for the EU funds planning period 2014-2020

Project Customer: Ministry of Finance

The project currently is being implemented

The project aims to conduct a final evaluation, analyzing the contribution, relevance, effectiveness, compliance, impact, and sustainability of the European Union funds in the 2014-2020 planning period's operational program "Growth and Employment", specifically within the 5th priority axis "Environmental protection and effective use of the resources". The evaluation will be carried out considering the objectives of the 5th priority axis, which include increasing resource efficiency, positive impact on environmental protection, promoting climate change adaptation, as well as risk prevention and management.

Within the evaluation, it is planned to use document and scientific literature analysis, interviews or surveys, case studies, cost-benefit analysis methods, as well as statistical data analysis. An evaluation report will be prepared, including operational recommendations for specific areas, as well as strategic recommendations for enhancing EU fund investments in environmental protection and resource utilization policies. The evaluation report will also include an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and war on the achievement of the objectives.

Development of Valmiera  municipality education development strategy for 2023-2029 

Project Customer: Valmiera regional council

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of this project is the development of a medium-term education sector development planning document. The development of the document will take place in two stages - 1) The exploration of the current situation, during which data and results will be collected and analyzed regarding the assessment of the education field, its connection to the EU, segmentation of educational services, support mechanisms in education, interested and involved parties, potential learners' interests, as well as demographic situations and municipal educational institutions; 2) The development of the strategy and action plan, during which the framework for strategic development, basic principles for the development of the education service network, development of methodological work management, as well as the development of an action plan, risk assessment, priorities, and achievable results will be established, along with the effective indicators of strategy implementation.