Development of Valmiera  municipality education development strategy for 2023-2029 

Project Customer: Valmiera regional council

The project currently is being implemented

The aim of this project is the development of a medium-term education sector development planning document. The development of the document will take place in two stages - 1) The exploration of the current situation, during which data and results will be collected and analyzed regarding the assessment of the education field, its connection to the EU, segmentation of educational services, support mechanisms in education, interested and involved parties, potential learners' interests, as well as demographic situations and municipal educational institutions; 2) The development of the strategy and action plan, during which the framework for strategic development, basic principles for the development of the education service network, development of methodological work management, as well as the development of an action plan, risk assessment, priorities, and achievable results will be established, along with the effective indicators of strategy implementation.

Evaluation of the impact of investments of EU funds for the 2014-2020 planning period on the development of a sustainable transport system

Project Customer: Ministry of Finance

The project currently is being implemented

The purpose of the service is to analyze the investment effectiveness of the 6th priority direction "Sustainable transport system" (hereinafter - the 6th PV) of the operational program "Growth and employment" (hereinafter - DP) of the European Union (hereinafter - EU) funds of the 2014-2020 planning period, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. The evaluation should be carried out taking into account the 6th PV goals set by the DP - to ensure sustainable transport infrastructure and good quality transport and logistics services, which provide jobs and contribute to the increase in the volume of service exports.

The evaluation results will be used as an evidence base to improve the future policy for developing a sustainable transport system in Latvia. It is planned that the evaluation results and conclusions will be used by institutions involved in the management and implementation of EU funds, municipalities and other investment planners and decision-makers in the areas of transport system development in order to improve national planning documents, develop prerequisites for planning and implementing investment projects, as well as to improve the implementation of investment projects , ensuring the most efficient and rational use of investments.

Development of Methodology for Social Work with group

Project Customer: Ministry of Welfare

The project currently is being implemented

The service is funded by the European Social Fund project No. “The Development of Professional Social Work in Local Governments”.

The methodology is developed to provide methodological support to social services and other social workers and to promote their professionalism when working with clients in a group. In order to achieve the goals, the project carried out a feasibility study, clarifying the current situation in the field of social work with groups in Latvia, researching foreign practices, research and using the experience of experts. The methodology is intended to be appropriate to Latvia's unique situation and easy to implement in practice.

The project includes the development of methodological material, on-site training, online training programs and a methodology audiobook. Within the project, approbation of methodological material is also provided during the pilot project, but in the end, two groups of social workers will be provided with on-site training.