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Research study on the Environment Promoting Physical Activity in Educational Institutions

Project Customer: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia

The project is currently being implemented

The aim of the study is to clarify the factors limiting and promoting physical activity at comprehensive schools in Latvia. In order to obtain high-quality data (including identifying problems) regarding potential obstacles hindering the accessibility of students to physical activities at the educational institutions of Latvia, the study evaluates the infrastructure of schools in the aspect of the environment conducive to physical activity, evaluates the planning of sports lessons;  extended assessment of the sports activities areas, including the provision of hygiene facilities, is performed, as well as an anonymous survey of pupils' hygiene habits related to physical activity at school.

Guidelines for Planning the Coastal Waters and Adjacent Land Areas at the Local Level

Project Customer: Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

The project is currently being implemented

The service is developed within the framework of the EASME/EMFF/2016/1 .2 .1 .6 — Marine Spatial Planning (Pan Baltic Scope) project and it aims to promote integrated marine and terrestrial spatial planning at the local level by increasing the capacity of municipal specialists and involvement of residents in the planning process. The service is a case study of Latvian situation within Pan Baltic Scope work package 1.3. “Integrating Land-Sea Interactions into Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region”.  The “Pan Baltic Scope” project aims to achieve harmonized maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region and to promote cross-border cooperation.

Development of methodology for social work with families with children

Project Customer: Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia

The project is currently being implemented

The service “Methodology for Social Work with Families with Children”, is funded by the European Social Fund project No. “The Development of Professional Social Work in Local Governments”. The service aims to provide social workers of urban and rural social departments with an appropriate methodology for working with families with children and thereby promote the quality of social work.

The project will be implemented by July 2020. It will include research in social departments, methodology development and approbation, on-site training for social workers and development of online training materials.

Development of Modular Vocational Education Programmes and Development of the Content of Vocational Qualification Examinations

Project Customer: National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia

The project is currently being implemented

Within the framework of the project "Improvement of the Sectoral Qualifications System to Develop and Ensure the Vocational Education" (Agreement No., ESF (European Social Fund) specific objective SO 8.5.2 “To ensure the conformity of vocational education to the European qualifications framework”, the National Centre for Education implements projects “Development of Modular Vocational Education Programmes” and “Development of the Content of Vocational Qualification Examinations” aimed at developing flexible vocational education programmes and qualification exams, which would ensure a quick response to labour demand, both in the short and long term.

Within the framework of the project, AC Konsultācijas, Ltd. organize  the development of modular vocational education programmes and vocational qualification examinations in the sectors of construction, energy, wood processing and business. In the context of the project, meetings of teachers and sectoral experts are organized to bring the programmes and examinations closer to the requirements of the sectoral labour market, including the necessary competences.

Research study "The Possibility of Creating a System of Anticipating Labour Market Reforms and Linking Medium- and Long-term Labour Market Forecasts with Labour Policy" being carried out within the framework of the European Social Fund project No. "Improvement of the Labor Market Forecasting System"

Project customer: Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia

The project is currently being implemented

The aim of the research study is to investigate and improve the existing system of anticipating labor market reforms in order to ensure a more timely and coherent cooperation between state institutions and non-governmental organizations in anticipating changes in the labor market and implementing the necessary reforms, including broadening the use of medium- and long-term labor market forecasts in policy-making.

The research study development consists of 10 stages, and five of them have already been finalized. For the time being, the main results of the study include the development of requirements for an electronic forecasting platform, as well as the development of proposals for the organizational model of the System of anticipating labour market reforms.

In order to ensure faster decision-making driven by future labour market needs, a three-stage System of anticipating labour market reforms was concluded to be implemented that includes the development, interpretation and use of labor market forecasts in the policy. A number of discussions with stakeholders were held to identify and develop an appropriate organizational model of the System of anticipating labour market reforms. At the same time, opportunities for expanding labour market forecasts with administrative data sources were analyzed.

Let Us Move Green in the Future!

The aim of the project "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing a new electric vehicle" is to purchase one new, industrially manufactured M1 class electric vehicle, which complies with the objective of the competition – to reduce GHG emissions through supporting vehicles in Latvia that, by their design, use energy stored in the vehicle itself as the only engine power and with GHG emissions of 0 g per mile in Latvia.

AC Konsultācijas, Ltd. take the view that it is essential to limit the amount of GHG emissions, particularly within city borders – therefore, during the implementation of the project, it is already possible to perform routes within Riga city and its nearby neighbourhoods by electric vehicle that does not generate GHG emissions instead of the fossile fuel driven vehicle previously used by the employees of the company. In implementing the project, AC Konsultācijas, Ltd. plans to cover a distance of at least 14,000 km per year by electric vehicle.

The total project funding is EUR 28,173.00, including the amount of eligible costs of EUR 23,283.47, of which CCFI (Climate Change Financial Instrument) amounts to EUR 11,640.00.